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When: SATURDAY 25/9
At Stirling Theatre, Avenue Rd, Stirling



Molière's absurdist comedy, directed by Angela Short for Stirling Players.

This classic starts with Argan, The Hypochondriac, planning to marry his eldest daughter (Angelique) off to the nephew of his physician in order to have medical assistance on tap gratis. However, his daughter has already fallen in love with someone else. It becomes obvious that his (second) wife is more interested in his money than himself. Toinette, the help, has great fun manipulating the situation and eventually resolving it.
Moliere’s writing is timeless, and his characters are as relevant today as they were in 1673.
Tickets Adult $34 Concession $29 Collect tickets at theatre on night. Dinner Miss Perez Kitchen and Bar, 2 Druid Ave, Stirling