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When: SAT 14/9 

At Stirling Community Theatre, Avenue Rd, Stirling

Directed by Patsy Thomas for Stirling Players, Celebration is a wonderful comedy from the ever witty pens of Keith Waterhouse and Willis Hall. One family with two events and, as the saying goes, “Weddings and funerals, nothing like them for bringing out the best and worst in people”. Set in the early 1960s, this lovely play introduces us to a very Northern family. The first act sees the family making wedding preparations and the second act is set six months later with the family returning from the funeral of their Uncle Arthur, whose mistress, much disparaged and ignored by the family, turns up. A very entertaining observation of “the family”.
Ticket price $18 each. Collect tickets at theatre on the night. Dinner at 6 pm, Restaurant Tranquilo.