In this bitter-sweet tale, Carrie Watts longs to escape the one-bedroom apartment she shares with her son Ludie and self-centred daughter-in-law Jessie Mae and return to her home town of Bountiful. Her heart condition makes her wish more urgent. Ludie has the best intentions but after a long illness money is short. Jessie Mae doesn’t have a job but relies on Carrie’s pension cheque so that she can go to the beauty parlour. Set in 1950s Houston,The Trip to Bountiful is full of hope, longing, and lost dreams. Horton Foote, a Pulitzer Prize winning dramatist and Oscar-winning screenwriter, is often referred to as America’s Chekhov. Produced by Phoenix and directed by Libby Drake featuring an outstanding cast.

Dinner at Joiner’s Arms, 9 Manton St, Hindmarsh. Tickets $22 and $28.50.

When: Sat May 25 7:30 pm   | At: Holden Street Theatre, 34 Holden Street, Hindmarsh



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