This is the second play in Alan Ackybourn’s comedy trilogy The Norman Conquests, each about the same traumatic family weekend in a country vicarage. Set in Southern England in the mid-1970s, Living Together covers the action in the living room.
Unmarried Annie lives in a Victorian house with her (unseen) bed-ridden widowed mother. So that Annie can go away for the weekend for some respite from her caring tasks, her brother and his wife have come to hold the fort. They believe Annie should pair off with a rather dim local veterinarian, but Annie has other ideas. She has made an assignation…but not with the vet.
When truth of Annie’s assignation is discovered, other family members get involved and the result is mayhem.
Directed by Les Zetlein for St Jude’s Players.
Tickets Concession $20 and Adult $25, Collect at theatre. Dinner at Taste of Himalayas, 489 Brighton Rd, Brighton after the theatre.

When: Sat May 4 2:00 pm   | At: St Jude’s Hall, 444 Brighton Rd, Brighton



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