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When: SATURDAY 10/7
At Glenelg Cinema, Cowper St, Glenelg



A year after the loss of his father, Ridley and his mother, Gloria, move to Western Australian to live with Ridley's estranged grandfather Spencer. Once there, Spencer tries to connect with Ridley but all efforts usually lead to conflict. Ridley ends up lost deep in the outback. While suffering the elements of the Australian outback (especially for a kid from New York), Ridley manages to save a dingo, Buckley, from a leg trap. The two develop a bond and both boy and dog try to survive the elements to get Ridley back home.
Director:Tim Brown Writers:Tim Brown, Willem Wennekers
Stars:Bill Nighy, Victoria Hill, Martin Sacks

Eat at Lim’s Chinese Restaurant, Partridge St, Glenelg. Purchase tickets at cinema.