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When: SAT 13/2 at 7:30PM
At Arts Theatre, 53 Angas Street, Adelaide


By Ben Hecht & Charles MacArthur (2004 adaptation by Ken Ludwig). Directed by Kerrin White for Therry Dramatic Society.
Broadway ballyhoo meets Hollywood hustle! This Hecht-MacArthur comedy is set in the observation car of the 20th Century Ltd, travelling from Chicago to New York's Grand Central Station. Aboard the train are egomaniacal theatre producer Oscar Jaffe, desperately in need of a hit, and his former paramour and protégé, temperamental actress Lily Garland, who abandoned him for a Hollywood career. Oscar is determined to sign her for his new show, and Lily is just as determined to ignore his advances, both professional and personal. Trying to make sense of the chaos are his long-time assistants Webb and O'Malley. Other hilarious characters include George, Lily's lover, Max (another ex-lover and producer) and a religious fanatic who has escaped from an institution.
NOTE the earlier than usual start time. Tickets $24 Concession. Dinner at Ghurkha Nepalese Restaurant, Angas Street, Adelaide.