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When: FRIDAY 10/12 AT 8 pm
At Domain Theatre, 287 Diagonal Rd, Oaklands Park

Michael Bublé and Christmas seem synonymous with each other. Indeed, it is no wonder then that Michael Bublé’s Christmas Album is the biggest selling Christmas album of all time.
The Will Metzer Big Band showcases a Bublé Christmas celebration featuring: The delightful Henry Olonga from the 2018 The Voice, The charismatic Foenander Brothers, and the talented and charming Will Metzer himself.
As we know, Christmas is a time for coming together with a feeling of magic in the air. The Will Metzer Big Band plays Michael Bublé Christmas tunes plus some others creating the perfect entrance into the festive season. It has been known for quite some time now that Will himself is 'Australia's Michael Bublé' so do yourselves a favour and enjoy a once off show and let Will Metzer put you in the Bublé Christmas Mood.
Tickets are $35; $30 concession Collect at theatre. Something to eat beforehand in the foyer at 7 pm.